Join us for the Ecological Society of Australia’s 2016 Annual Conference.

Esplanade Hotel, Fremantle, Western Australia

28 November to 2 December 2016

4-day Scientific Program plus Workshops, Field Trips and Community events.

Diversity: Pattern, Process and Prospects

Understanding the origins and maintenance of biological diversity has interested ecologists ever since the first natural historians took to the seas to catalogue the great variety of organisms on earth.  Diversity has been credited with unifying evolutionary biology, biogeography and ecology as each discipline contributed to understanding of the processes responsible for global and regional patterns of diversity.  More recently, shifts in diversity patterns in response to global change has given momentum to basic questions regarding species interactions especially questions with implications for biodiversity conservation.  Recent research is fuelled by technological advances including new molecular tools and increased capacity to model complex interactions.  The biodiversity hotspot of south-western Australia provides the ideal setting to explore current understanding of diversity patterns and processes and the prospects for future diversity. Six key-note speakers will address one or more of the theme topics with examples from their studies of plants, animals and soil organisms growing in terrestrial and marine ecosystems.  The conference will feature symposia on regionally relevant issues such as indigenous ecological knowledge, urban ecology, restoration ecology, refugia in ancient landscapes, and climate change. Field trips will offer delegates the opportunity to experience the unique and remarkable biological diversity that the west has to offer including trips to the wet southern forests and the northern sand plains.



Key Dates for ESA16

Call for symposia proposals open – 8 February 2016
Call for symposia proposals close – 7 March 2016
Notification to organisers – 25 March 2016
Call for abstracts open – 1 April 2016
Earlybird registrations open – 6 June 2016
Call for abstracts close – 15 July 2016
Notification to authors – early August 2016
Earlybird registration closes – 16 September 2016